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August 18, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kenny Moore – reported a printing problem. This was resolved by pausing and restarting the print driver. While there I also: installed Chrome, updated Flash, backed up his data, deleted all accounts on the computer, created him a new standard local account with listed logins, set up Chrome fo auto updates, restored all his data, tested the print driver.

Marie Prewett – requested installation of Chrome. While there I also updated Flash and set Chrome for auto updates.

Stefanie Baldwin – tech from ProPresenters was onsite today to install a new projector for her. I collected the old project and stored in because it had a relatively new bulb.

HS Writing Lab – created and posted the full year of signin sheets.

Kerry Sharp – requested installation of Chrome.

Sean Walker – requested a ethernet to USB converter for connecting to the SmartBoard in empty middle school classroom. Also discussed the Calendar/Transportation online form and workflow. This is found under “Staff Resources” and requires a login to access.

Stephanie Smith – backed up data, created local account, restored data, installed Chrome.


August 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lisa Norman – reports that her computer is worked and askes if it is okay to use it. I told her to check that she was logged into her account and not the local admin account and reminded her that I will still need to run multiple updates to get it back where it was.

Kim Wilson – reported that the Canon Copier in the lower hall was being worked on by a technician yesterday (which probably accounts for the printing problems in her building) and when she restarted it teachers were able to use it. I asked her if she wanted me to look into repairing the HP LJ4200 in the workroom with a bad paper sensor.

Karis Reavis – inquired yesterday if we could use some iPads in Alt Ed with OdysseyWare. I directed the question to Sean Walker who is more familiar with OW. While researching this, I noted in OW’s System Requirements page that iOS was not listed as a supported platform. update – I spoke with Kacey at Eastern Oklahoma Online Support and learned that they should work with iOS 7 or later.

Nancy Wilson – I’ve been helping Sean Walker and Nancy with building an online form for the Calendar/Transportation request. We did a couple of  trial form submissions and noted that fields left blank don’t get included in the submission. Will communicate with Gabbart support on this issue. update - Gabbart support replied, “There isn't a way to get the text area to submit without a selection. You could make a note telling them to fill out areas that are blank with N/A or use the drop-down or multiple choice inputs instead and have a selection for N/A there.” I suggested to Nancy that she enter a text message at the top of the form when she forwards it back the the requesting teacher indicating which vehicle or driver is assigned.

Audrey Annanders – Had an issue with an OdysseyWare course page that said to download and open a time sheet link which was not a link to a PDF file, but instead a link to another web page that had no content. This was directed to Kacey at East Central Online Services.

Gabbart Communications – Requested instructions (again) from Gabbart Communications on how to sync our district calendar on the home page with our Google activitiy calendar. 

Stefanie Baldwin – requested Flash Player update. I had updated her Safari browser the week before school started, but apparently there is another update since then. In working on this I learned that Google Chrome updates its Flash plugin automatically, so I sent a “Google Tip of the Week” encouraging everyone to use Chrome and to let me know if they see that it needs credentials in order to set automatic updates. 

Nita Hasler – requested assistance setting her screen resolution. I sent a message outlining how to do this in System Preferences.

Shelley McGehee – requested assistance with a student’s Google login credentials. I verified the password and notified her.

Don Gallagher – reported he was getting a message “Startup disk is almost full” but I don’t know on which computer. I sent instructions to monitor usage of storage resources.

Betty Gallagher – reported a printing issue with OdysseyWare lab computers. I checked the printer driver on each machine after school today and set the default printer to be the Canon Copier in the middle school except for two computers. One needed an OS update which is still running and the other would not work with the copier. On the last one, I resinstalled the driver but it still didn’t work so I directed printing to the HP LaserJet 600 in the MS office. 

August 16, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lisa Norman – reported that her MacBook Pro would not start up. This is after updating Smart Notebook and adding the new license key. Tried disk repair from single user mode but would not boot after exit. Currently reinstalling the OS from the Internet. Will check in the morning. This will restore Yosemite and there will be lot’s of updates to get her back to El Capitan. 

Tami Eberle – reported problems printing. She had about 5 print drivers installed. The Canon Copier reported “out of toner” and the HP LJ 4200 in the workroom reported “out of paper” (it had paper but the sensor on the tray is broken.) I set the HP LJ2025 in the lab to be her default.

Kim Wilson – reported that several other elementary teachers are having trouble printing. I suspect this is because of the problems with the HP LJ4200 (paper tray) and Canon Copier (out of toner) and asked Mrs. Wilson if she wants me to redirect everyone to the little printer in the lab. They should install new toner in the copier and we may have to decide if we want to spend money repairing the 17 year old printer in the workroom. Waiting for reply.

Andrea Sewell – dead battery in her MacBook Pro. I finished updates on a MacBook from a staff member who was RIFTed, created a local account from Mrs. Sewell, and uploaded all of her files to this account. Then installed the Smart Notebook software for her. She now has the replacement computer.

Microsoft Service Contract – Received notice to renew service contract on the admin server. Forwarded this to Mr. Gower and Ronda Garner for renewal.

Gabbart Communication – Sent a feedback survey for our training on Tuesday and requested that it be forwarded to our staff. I sent the forwarding message.

Don Gallagher – reported getting a message that “Your startup device is almost full”. I told him to go to the Apple Menu and select “About this Mac” and then click the “Storage” tab to see how much free space he has left. He probably needs to archive and delete a few thousand pictures. I also told him to try the photos app in Google Apps for Education for storing his photos.

LaDonna Kuestersteffen – reports that she has to log back into her computer every few minutes. I checked all three panes of the System Preferences yesterday (Energy Saver, Screen Saver, and Security) and none appeared to be causing the problem. Will have to look again later.

Summary of work performed during the summer:

  • Joined our school to Google Apps for education.
    • Transferred domain to Google for mail
    • Created accounts for all staff and students
    • Provided professional development for all staff on use of Gmail and for teachers on Google Apps
  • Moved school website to Gabbart Communitations
    • Worked with Gabbart for site design
    • Created accounts and assigned rolls for all staff
    • Moved as much information as possible from old site to new
  • Installed Google Chrome on all lab and teacher computers that were available
  • Inventoried assets and advised school board of urgent needs
  • Complete work with Kellogg for school’s 2016-17 requests

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