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Degree vs. On-the-Job Training: How Much Will You Make?

Trade School

trade school, also known as a technical school or a vocational school, is an educational institution that exists to teach skills related to a specific job.

Oklahoma Trade Schools

Community (Two-Year) College Programs

Community colleges are primarily two-year public institutions that grant associates degrees and certificates. They offer education pathways for students to enter directly into the workforce or to transfer to a four-year college. Students interested in transferring can often complete the basic classes of a four-year college at a lower price. These colleges also have open admissions policies and accept all students with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Oklahoma Community Colleges


(Four-Year) College Programs

Four-year colleges or universities provide learning while preparing students for careers. They grant bachelor's degrees, which enable students to pursue opportunities in a wide spectrum of jobs. Students who earn a bachelor's degree may also continue their education and pursue a graduate degree.

Oklahoma Universities