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Konawa Return To Learn



Academics - Teaching and Learning

The goal for each classroom is to maintain a semblance of normalcy so that learning may  continue. Teachers will examine classroom areas to maximize spacing of student desks/tables  as needed. Seating charts for each class may be utilized as a precautionary tool. The sharing  of supplies will be limited and closely monitored by the teachers.

For teachers and students, masks will be optional but recommended in areas where social  distancing is not feasible. 

Student Attendance

Any student exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 or any other contagious illness should  stay home from school to limit the possibility of exposing others. Any student who develops a  fever or any other symptoms will be evaluated by the school nurse and possibly sent home.  Any absence related to COVID-19 will be listed as an excused absence and will be tracked for  reporting purposes. 

The building principal will have the final authority to excuse or not excuse any absence.

Student Health

Any student sent to the office with symptoms that could be COVID-19 related will be  examined by administrative designee to make a determination on whether the student remains at  school. Students or staff who have been sent home due to elevated temperature must remain  out of school until fever free. The school designee along with the building principal and the superintendent will determine if any students will need to be quarantined if any student presents  COVID-19 symptoms.

Parents/ Guardians are required to assess student health before sending students to school  each day.

Food Services

All school breakfast and lunch meals will be served in normal fashion. Custodial and Child Nutrition staff will  clean and disinfect each eating location after each use. Kitchens will be cleaned throughout the  day and disinfected at the end of each day.

Special Education

Individual education plans (IEPs) will be reviewed for any specific needs that will need to be  addressed as we move into the new learning formats and learning environments. There will be  a myriad of small changes that have the propensity to affect a student’s emotional, mental, and  physical well-being. PPS staff will ensure these needs are addressed and that the students’  IEP is adjusted accordingly. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Konawa will continue to offer extra-curricular activities to students as long as it is feasible.  Administration will continue to work with the state athletic association and with the county health  department to determine the best course of action within the context of this ever-changing  situation. All decisions will be made with the health and wellness of our student body in mind. 


Procedures for Morning Bus Riders

 Weather permitting, all windows will remain down to ensure proper air flow throughout  the bus.

All buses will be sanitized on a regular basis.

Bus drivers will wear masks for the duration of each bus trip.


Cleaning Protocols

All desktops, lockers, hallway walls, countertops, restroom walls and stalls, kitchens and  serving areas, locker rooms, areas around drinking fountains, nurse’s offices and  reception areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Drinking fountains will be open; however, students will be encouraged to use water bottle fillers to fill personal water bottles. These drinking fountains and water bottle filling  areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily. All bottle fillers and classroom sinks will also  be disinfected in the evening after the building is unoccupied. (All students have gone for  the day) 

Teachers will wipe down door knobs and classroom sinks daily.

Custodians will use any extra time to work on door knobs, hand wash stations, restroom  stalls, paper towel/toilet paper cabinets, soap dispensers, entry door hardware or any  other areas that are frequently touched by students/staff.




Social-Emotional Learning/ Student Mental Wellness

Konawa Public School counselors have been working to create a plan to provide emotional support for our  learners that will need additional counseling and assistance. KPS has a close partnership with Multi-County Counseling Inc. to provide additional staff and services for our learners. KPS and  MCC counselors will work closely with our counselors to provide any services or additional  assistance to students and families of students who are dealing with extenuating circumstances.



All buildings will have reminder signs about proper procedures to help in the slowing of the  spread of communicable diseases.. All sites will work to increase airflow in all areas with the purchase of new HVAC units in large congregate areas and directional fans.

Temperature checks may be required for certain events or activities. This requirement will be  determined by district and school administration.


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