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August 25, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Web Site – resent messages requesting confirmation of extra duty assignments. For as many staff members as I knew there duties, I made sure the user permissions were set so that they can publish to their areas of responsibility. UpdateKaris Reavis – sent me some extra duty notes and I compared them to the permissions I had set up and made additions as required.

Kim Wilson – showed Kim the changes to the library resource pages and made sure she could publish to the elementary one. We also talked about lesson plan pages.

Debbie Watters – installed Google Chrome on two computers that she uses. I also discussed the library resource pages and mentioned that she has publishing rights there and may want to add information about AR, dibbels, etc.

Michelle Yott – showed her the changes to the library resource pages.

Tesa Madron – reported that the login setup was incorrect on one computer in the middle school labs. Fixed that.

Don Gallagher – reported a problem with credentials on web site. Fixed that.

Ronda Garner and Gary Burden – Gary doesn’t have a printer out in the bus barn and he wanted to print a checklist we worked on earlier. I’m looking for an unused printer (I know I saw one somewhere, but forgot where is was), but in the meantime he contacted Ronda to print it for him. Since I had classes at the time of the job request, I sent instructions on sharing Google documents to Ronda. With thses, she was able to print the checklist for him. 

Here are the steps:

  1. log into Google
  2. click the Google Apps icon (nine squares)
  3. click Drive
  4. locate the form and select it (click once)
  5. look for the sharing icon (upper right direction) and click it (looks like a silhouette and plus sign)
  6. type the name of the person you want to share with


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August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Konawa Web Site – spent considerable time today checking user permissions trying to make sure everyone can publish to their areas of responsibility. I sent a request to Lee Ann for an extra duty roster and will check again when I receive that list. I also published information for the three library resource links including contact info, hours of operation, and daily schedule. 

Nita Hasler – pointed out the our new web site does not have links to the library circulation system. I retrieved the internal IP address for circulation desk and added a link to the three resource pages, but had to contact Peder Angvall for the external link. He assisted me in determining that IP address and I added the “off campus” link as well. 

Konawa Web Site – contacted Gabbart tech support to see how to add to the Middle School Directory those teachers that are in both the high school and middle school (which is most of them). Was told that it had to be done manually so I added all the contact information and photos to that directory that I could. 

Kandice Lowry – I met with Kandice today to confirm her credentials for Google Apps. We had changed her email address which prevented her from logging in. Once we got that straightened out I gave her a brief tour of the Apps and we talked about needing to need some surplus equipment out of her office.

ProPresenters – sent a message to ask if we were satisfied with their recent work replacing a projector in Mrs. Baldwin’s classroom. I confirmed that everyone was satisfied with the work. 

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August 23, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shelly McGehee – asked about the system requirements on a student’s private laptop and using it with OdysseyWare. The laptop exceeded all requirements, but whether or not the student could work from home was referred to Mr. Walker.

Elementary Lab – checked up on the lab and discovered that some reorganization has been happening. I pulled out some cables, keyboards, and mice that we need to keep handy as spares and need to go back tomorrow to pick up obsolete items to store for next summer’s surplus and recycle.

Administrators – Today I discovered that the front page news articles on our web site had all expired and the middle of the page was totally blank. I got some help from Gabbart support to be sure that all our administrators had permissions to publist news articles. They gave me a link to use for creating new articles. I sent this information to our administrators along with a request for help in finding and posting news. This is really a project that everyone has to buy into or it will be an very embarrassing web site. To fill the void, I published the football and fastpitch schedules. I also emailed the entire staff reminding everyone that we all have teacher pages we can publish to and that they can send information to their building principals who will publish a front page news article. We need to bring this up at staff meetings. 

Betty Gallagher – reported trouble with loading the OdysseyWare web site pages. I checked immediately and saw that all the machines but two were loading pages. When I checked one, I was able to refresh the login page successfully. While I did that I saw that the other machine was loading as well. The problem must have been some offsite disconnect that cleared up after a few minutes. I saw no sign of problem on our end and the traffic graph didn’t show any disruption.

Casey Kelso – reported a problem with the projector not displaying his presentations. From his description, I could tell he had mirroring turned off. The procedure to correct is Apple Menu->System Preferences->Displays Pane->Arrangement Tab->check the Mirroring box.

Gabbart Communications – requested help with a “Section with multiple subpages” issue where an added blog does not show on the page. The solution was to remove the theme of the page to restore navagation links. 

Writing Lab – composed a new signup sheet using Google Docs to reflect the 8 period day. Printed and posted sheets for the entire year on the door of the lab.

August 22, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

Over the weekend:

Casey Kelso – left his MacBook pro with me so that I could update it. I had issues downloading the OS update to El Capitan. Installed Google Chrome, backup up his data to server, created local account, restored data and returned it to him on Monday. Will have to complete OS update at a later time.


Library – reported that downstairs circulation computer would to start. Showed library assistant how to reset the PMU (Power Management Unit, disconnect all cables, hold down power button for 15 seconds, plug in cables and restart). This resolved the issue.

Andrea Sewell – report that she could not print. I tried to install the Canon ImageRunner drivers (IRF) from the Canon support page, but as before they did not connect with the copier. So I added the HP LaserJet 600’s at the high school and middle school desks until we can resolve the problem with Canon.

Erin Mitchell – reported that the projector in her room was not working. I replaced it with a spare (we don’t have many spares left, I went thruough three before finding one that worked).

Gary Burden – new employee. Created Google account and a checklist document as he requested. Shared that document with him. Sent his credentials to Lee Ann. Still need to discuss checklist with him and inspect computer in bus barn. Update: I went to the bus barn during 8th period to talk with Gary and show him the Google tools. We logged into his account on Chrome and I showed him the document that I shared with him. 

Brandi Aud – new employee. Created Google account and a checklist document as requested. Sent his credentials to Kim Wilson. Still need to visit with them. Update: at 2:50 pm I dropped by but Brandi had left for the day. I saw that I also needed to create a local login on the speech therapy iMac, download Google Chrome, and remove the Open Directory server login. At that time I also logged in for Brandi and did the inital login to Google. I sent an email message to Mrs. Wilson from this account and left several written messages for Brandi. The keyboard batteries were low so I installed new ones from the admin building. I’m also sending Brandi a link to this blog so that she can check on the progress of future requests. 

Ronda Garner – had two different quotations from Dell for the service contract extensions. I showed her that one was for a one-year renewal and the other was for two years.

LeeAnn Duck – requested assistance with the new web site and posting agendas. I noted that I had not granted her access to Board of Education pages so I added those today. Then I visited with her during 8th period and we saved the latest agenda in PDF format and posted it to the site. 

Apple Comptuer – Orlando Aguilar, Acct. Exec. from Apple, sent the quotations that I requested for MacBook Air. I forwarded these to Mr. Gower.

Kandice Lowry – reported difficulty logging into the Google account. I’ve been trying to catch her, but we still haven’t been at the same place at the same time. I sent a reply to Bridgett Campbell requesting an appointment one morning this week.

Breanne Dean – requested assistance with YouTube videos that appear blank. I noted that while these videos would not play on Chrome, they did play in Safari, so I sent a reply back to Breanne mentioning this. Chrome does automatic updates and I cannot install Flash or JAVA as Chrome extensions. I asked Breanne to be watching for any message saying Chrome may not be able to update itself.

August 19, 2016

Friday, August 19,2016

Stephanie Smith – While trying to create a local account for her last night, I noted that is was another computer that could not open User and Group preference pane. I tried restoring the OS last night, but when I checked it the User and Group pane would still not open. I need to verify that she is ok today and then do a disk wipe and reinstall over the weekend.

Lisa Norman – Took her the replacement MacBook Pro and checked that she could use it today. Doing a disk wipe and reinstall on her old MacBook Pro this weekend. Update – Installed Saxon math resources and update SmartNotebook after school.

Andrea Sewell – reported that her replacement MacBook Pro isn’t printing to any local printers. Need to install drivers for copiers and local HP LaserJets.

Kim Wilson – reported that we are going to have new speech therapist this year. I requested a name so that I could create an account for them.

Debbie Garner – Installed Google Chrome on her MacBook Pro. Still needs local account and updates.

Sean Walker – gave me a list of students whose passwords were not working on Google login. Checked each and verified that they are working.

Kasey Kiker – gave me a list of new students. I created accounts in Google for them and verified their passwords. Updated on the Student List sheet that is now shared with Mr. Walker and Mr. Reavis.


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