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Newsletter 8-21-17

Posted Date: 09/04/2017


Mrs. Carr’s 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

August 21, 2017

Dates to Remember


Sept 4 - No School

Sept 11 - School Board Meeting

Sept 18-22 - Scholastic Book Fair

Oct 7 - Band Day

Oct 9 - School Board Meeting

Oct 17 - Parent/Teacher Conference

Oct 18-20 - Fall Break

Oct 25- School Pictures

Classroom News

  We had a wonderful first full week of school.  We are getting used to our schedule and the procedures of the classroom.  We are following our Classroom Promises: “We will respect all people, property, and thoughts.  We will keep body parts, objects, and unkind words to ourselves.  We will use materials and equipment properly.  We will be ready to learn every day and always do our personal best.”

  Please keep toys at home.  Your child may bring a basketball, football (no tackling), or jump rope.

  Thanks to Sadie and Aiden for bringing snacks last week.  We loved the push-up ice cream, Nerds, and Laffy Taffy.  Thanks so much!

  Last week, we read about the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919.  Mrs. Briggs was kind enough to bring molasses for us to sample (if we wanted).  Check out the Tuesday Tiger folder this week for a writing contest through Storyworks Jr.   Five winners will each receive a copy of Five Epic Disasters by Lauren Tarshis.  It would be so great if a student from Konawa were to win!

  Be sure to check your child’s reading marker every day and sign when he/she has completed the work. Your child will need to read from the big book every night and do Side B of math.  We are doing side A in class together.  Please check over the math to ensure your child has done it correctly.  We will be grading side B in class the next day.

  If you ever have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to email or text me at or 580-272-3549.  Thanks!

My Family


My husband Theron, son Gavin, and myself


Gavin has crossed over from being a Cub Scout in Pack 4 to being a Boy Scout in Troop 13.

Word of the Week


Life Principle:  Self-Discipline


Definition:  the ability to choose and control one’s own actions


Related Quote:  "If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.”

~ Mark Twain



What We’re Learning


  • Read Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday

  • Read Tips for Saving Money

  • Read Dad, the Disco King

  • Plot, Vocabulary, Character, Inference, and Key Details


  • Ordering Three-Digit Numbers

  • Listing Combinations

  • Addition Facts:  Adding 5 and 6

  • Writing Number Sentences for “Some, Some More” and “Some, Some Went Away” Stories

  • Writing Story Problems for Addition and Subtraction Number Sentences

  • Written Assessment 6

  • Counting Quarters

  • Finding Half of a Set of Objects

Lunch Menu


Monday - Beef-a-Roni


Tuesday - Chicken Salad Sandwich


Wednesday - Burrito


Thursday - Chicken Nuggets


Friday -  Meatloaf





Check out my page on our school website:


I will post information and pictures there.Free vector graphic: Tiger, Head, Logo, Isolated, Sports - Free ...

Marble Competition


  With our first full week of school finished, we completed our first marble competition.  The top scorers for the week were Bear with 24 points, Tristian with 22 points, Cierra with 22 points, and Chloe with 20 points.  Our top scoring team was Team #1 which consisted of Ethan, Bear, Mikki, and Huey.  They had 80 total marbles which came to an average of 20 marbles per team member.  Congratulations!