Mrs. Mullins’ Weekly News

September 26, 2016

What We’re Learning

*Reading /Spelling/Phonics/Writing:

Read: Going Fishing, Get the Ball, & A Big Fish for Max. Digraphs –sh, -th, and vowel sound –all as in ball. Letters j, p, & y  Short & long /e/. 

Sight Words - catch, good, no, put, want, at, be, or, have, from    

Selection Words – Grandma, Max, Ruby.   Interactive Notebook.

*Math: writing numbers 23, 24, 25,26

- addition number sentences

- identifying attributes of pattern blocks

-  addition facts – doubles to 18


Life Principle:  Responsibility 

Definition: Making the choice to be reliable and dependable

Related Quote: "Ability will enable a man to get to the top. But it will take character to keep him there." -Author Unknown

Expectation 8:  We will practice virtuous living using the life principles.


Lunch Menu

Mon.. – Chicken Nuggets

Tues. – Pizza

Wed. – BBQ Pork on a Bun

Thurs. – Beef-a-Roni

Fri. – Chicken fajita Salad



Dates to Remember

Sept. 26 – Zoo Field Trip 

Sept 30 – Concession Day

Oct. 7 – Concession Day

Oct 11 – P/T Conference 3-9pm

Oct 12-14 – Fall Break

Oct. 20 – School Pictures

Oct. 27 – Safe House @ High School

Oct. 28 – Classroom Halloween Celebration

Nov. 20-25 – Thanksgiving Break

Classroom News

        Parent teacher conferences are coming up in a couple of weeks. Please be watching for a sign up sheet in your child’s Tuesday folder.  I am looking forward to visiting you about your child’s progress and behavior.

                  We finished up our first reading unit and book and will be getting a new one this week.  The stories are becoming progressively harder and will require more practice time.  Reading each night and asking the questions on the bookmark are very important.  Also, practicing the sight words and repeated reading is essential in developing fluency and accuracy when reading.  Successful reading shows a high correlation to success in school as well as later in life.

                  I will begin sending home practice sheets for make-believe word (nonsense words) for you to practice with your child.  Accurate reading of these words tell a lot about your child’s reading ability and understanding of the alphabetic principals.

 All words are single syllable and short vowel sounds. In December, your child will need to read 13 whole words in order to benchmark. Keep reading and practicing sight words.   

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