Mrs. Mullins’ Weekly News

September 5, 2016

What We’re Learning

Read:  Will We Win, Jan and Pam , and  A Fox and a Kit. Inflected endings –s, & -ing.  Consonants g, l, h;  *sight words in, is ,for, that, it, eat, her, this, too.  *Identifying Main Idea, & Interactive Notebook.

*Math: writing numbers 14. 15, 16, & 17  - drawing pictures for addition & subtraction - counting pennies - dividing a square in half


Life Principle:  


Definition: An inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and happenings or to anticipate the best possible outcome

Quote: "Some men see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream things that never were and say, "Why Not?" -Robert F. Kennedy

Expectation 4:  We will cheer each other to success.

Lunch Menu


  • Mon -  No School – Labor Day
  • Tues. – Burrito
  • Wed. – Ham & Cheese Sandwich
  • Thurs. – Grilled Chicken Patty
  • Fri. – Salisbury Steak



Dates to Remember

Sept 16 – Concession Day         Football Homecoming

Sept 30 – Concession Day

Oct. 7 – Concession Day

Oct 10 – School Board Meeting

Oct 11 – P/T Conference 3-9pm

Oct 12-14 – Fall Break

Classroom News

This week is DIBELS testing.  Your child will be evaluated on strengths and weaknesses indicating their future success as a reader and general success in school. Our goal is for your child to benchmark in the green area.  If they do not, we will offer remediation to help them catch up in the areas they fall short.  To benchmark for the fall your child need to score 40 in Phoneme Segmentation (PSF), 27 nonsense word fluency (NWF) Correct Letter Sounds (CLS), and 1 nonsense word fluency (NWF) whole word read (WWR) to benchmark with a composite score of 113.

            I am also sending home a bookmark to use when reading with your child to help with comprehension.  Read and then ask your child to answer the questions on the bookmark.  I would like the bookmark to be kept in the front of their homework folder.

                        Contacting Mrs. Mullins--Feel free to contact me.                                         Phone: (580) 925-3673
Cell: (580) 235-7693 (I do text)                                                                      E-mail: mullinsj@konawa.k12.ok.us