Janet Mullins
Reading Renaissance National Honor Roll

Celebrate with us! Our class made the Reading Renaissance National Honor Roll!  We worked hard and read a lot and answered questions on quizzes. We had to keep our book level up, percentage correct at 90% or above and reach a certain number of points for each session and WE DID IT! Congratulation class. Check us out here:  http://www.renaissance.com/honor-roll/honor-roll-directory/honor_roll_state/oklahoma/

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Janet Mullins
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Mrs. Mullins’ Weekly News

August 22, 2016

What We’re Learning

Reading/Phonics/Spelling/Writing: - Read Hit It!, Fix It! and Pig in a Wig. -Short /i/ and final x, -consonants m, t, & s. -High frequency words: and, take, up -Selection words: play -Interactive Notebook

Math: Circle, Square, Number of Sides and Angles of a Square, Pictograph, Most and Fewest, Right and Left, 0, 6, 8, and 9, Smallest and Largest, Least to Greatest, and Bar Graph

Life Principle:  Self-Discipline

Definition: The ability to choose and control one’s own actions

Related Quote: "If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two mouths and one ear. -Mark Twain

Expectation 2:  We will not laugh at or make fun of another person’s mistakes nor use sarcasm or putdowns.




Lunch Menu

  • Monday – Soft Beef Taco
  • Tuesday – Beef Pot Pie
  • Wednesday – Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Thursday – Ravioli
  • Friday -  Baked Chicken







Dates to Remember

Sept 2 – Concession Day (ice cream only)

Sept 5 – No School-Labor Day

Sept 16 – Concession Day         Football Homecoming

Sept 30 – Concession Day

Oct. 7 – Concession Day

Oct 10 – School Board Meeting

Oct 11 – P/T Conference 3-9pm

Oct 12-14 – Fall Break

Classroom News-Folders

Orange folders will go home daily.

These folders will contain communications, behavior logs, and homework. The right side will be items you can keep at home and the left side will be items to be returned to school. Tuesday folders come home almost every Tuesday. In it your will find graded papers and notes with things you need to know.Please return each week so the folder can be filled for the next week.

Other Information Here—The numbers on the reading selections on the back of the homework page are for you to time your child’s reading for 1 minute.  Just have your child read for 1 minute and check to see how many words they read. This will be on the DIBELS in Dec.  It’s never too early to practice.

Contacting Mrs. Mullins--Feel free to contact me.                                         Phone: (580) 925-3673
Cell: (580) 235-7693 (I do text)                                                                      E-mail: mullinsj@konawa.k12.ok.us