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Samantha Adkins
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Classroom Number: 9
School Phone:
(580)925-3118ext 239
Conference Time:
Daily Schedule


Mrs. Adkins’ 2nd Grade Classroom Schedule

7:55-8:00                   Pick-up students from gym

8:00-8:10                   Morning Routine/Flag Salutes/ Moment of Silence

8:10-8:30                   AR

8:30-10:15                 Reading Lesson

                                   Spelling Lesson

                                   Grammar Lesson

                                   Workbook Pages

10:15-10:45                Walk to Read

10:45-11:30                Saxon Math Lesson

11:30-11:50                Lunch

11:55-12:15                Recess

12:15-12:20                Story/Bathroom Breaks

12:20-1:00                 Math Fact page and Guided Practice

1:00-1:25                   Writers Workshop

1:25-2:10                   PE/Art

1:50-2:30                  Really Great Reading/ Reading Kits

2:30-2:50                  Clean room/Get ready to go home


Computer Lab MWF @9:30

Library Tues @9:30