Menu for the week of Jan. 29
  Sausage Pattie Beef A Roni
MON Biscuit Sliced Carrots
  or dry cereal Tossed Salad w/dressing
Jan. 29 Mixed Fruit Whole Wheat Roll
  Juice Strawberry
  Milk Milk
  Cinnamon Roll Chicken Fajita Wrap
TUES or dry cereal Refried Beans
  Sliced Pears Lettuce-tomato
Jan. 30 Juice Tortilla
  Milk Mixed Fruit
  French Toast Sticks w/syrup Taco Soup
WED or dry cereal Cheese Stick
  Applesauce Crackers
Jan. 31 Juice Applesauce
  Milk  Milk
  Oatmeal & Toast Hamburger or Cheeseburger
THUR or dry cereal French Fries w/catsup
  Sliced Peaches Lettuce-tomato-pickles
Feb.1 Juice Hamburger Bun
  Milk Sliced pears
  Gravy & Biscuits Chicken Pot Pie
FRI or dry cereal Mixed Veggies
  Strawberries Tossed Salad w/dressing
Feb. 2 Juice Whole Wheat Roll
  Milk Apple Cobbler