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  • Summer Nutrition Program

    Summer Feeding

    FREE Meals to any child 18 years old or younger


    Konawa School Cafeteria


    May 23 thru June 16, 2016

    No meals on Friday, Saturday or Sunday’s


    Breakfast 7:30a.m.- 8:00a.m.

    Lunch 12:00 – 12:30 


     Contact: Roberta Brake, Child Nutrition Manager

    580-925-3244 ext 256 or


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    Camp Goddard 2016

    Goddard Youth Camp, located on Arbuckle Lake, is an outdoor environmental education camp where schools can bring their students and teachers to utilize four trails to teach students about science and ecology. The trails are: Man and Environment, Man and Water, Cedar Canyon, and Geology. Konawa students have been coming to Camp Goddard for many years, most students always remember the experience of spending a week in the outdoor classroom. Recreation events on the waterfront, archery range, and volleyball court are also available. The Children's Museum at Goddard features fossils, specimens such as quartz crystals and rose rocks, ecology exhibits and Native American artifacts. 

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  • Weather Emergency Plan

    a message for parents

    With spring weather upon us, Konawa Public School would like to inform you that we are very well prepared and trained in the event of a severe storm or tornado situation. We are able to put every student and staff member in a safe room underground in the event of an emergency situation. 

    We would also ask that you allow your child to remain in the shelter and not attempt to remove them. If a multitude of parents attempted this, it could lead to mass confusion and chaos further endangering our students. We assure you that your child will be safe from the storms in our underground shelters.

    If you would like to learn about our severe storm preparedness, fee free to contact you child's building principal.


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    Christopher Nick - Illustrator

    on campus March 28 - 29

    Christopher Nick, illustrator, visited the Konawa Elementary School this morning (Monday, March 28th). His presentation was lively and engaging. Students learned that an illustration is a picture that tells a story. He emphasized that the details are very important in an illustration. Many of his paintings were shown during his talk. "As an artist, you take things from your heart and apply them in your work." He recommended that students draw what they like - that everyone of them can draw as well as he could at their age. He told them that with practice they will become skilled.

    He told part of the story of a children's book, , which he illustrated. Christopher stated several times that an illustrator doesn't get to paint what they want - there work is always assigned by their clients. He walked the students through the process of getting an assignment, research, preliminary sketches, acquiring props, color study, drawing, enlarging, painting, to final illustration. Christopher puts a heart in all of his works. He challenged the students to find them. He described his painting process and said he works from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the afternoon. He said his longest assignment for a single work was six weeks on a painting of the state capital. 

    Tomorrow he will draw together with the students! The presentation was arranged by Destiny Darbison, librarian of Kennedy Memorial Library of Konawa, one of the positions that have been eliminated due to austerity measures.

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    #GoOpen Initiative

    Openly Licensed Educational Resources

    Oklahoma launches statewide #GoOpen initiative

    In a letter (above) dated February 26, 2016, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Joy Hofmeister, announced that Oklahoma was joining the "inaugural cohort" of states across the country committing to support districts and educators "transitioning to the use of high-quality, openly licensed educational resources. If successfully implemented, this could:

    • reduce costs for items like textbooks
    • promote regular updates of resources
    • introduce a paradigm shift in educational publishing
    • improve equity and access for students
    • accelerate transition to digital learning

    Announced in October, 2015, the USDE describes the Open Education campaign as "making learning materials, data, and educational opportunities available without restrictions imposed by copyright laws, access barriers, or exclusive proprietary systems that lack interoperability and limit the free exchange of information." As you may imagine, the commercial publishers are not too thrilled at the prospect of Open Education, describing current resources as "oversimplified or lacking". The Open Data Policy is readily available, however it still seems to be a little difficult to find resources described by the #GoOpen campaign.

    This article is offered in order to promote discussion among Konawa staff. Please comment.

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